Terraria – The top five most useful pre-hardmode accessories (How to get them) (2024)

Terraria – The top five most useful pre-hardmode accessories (How to get them) (1)

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Beginners will benefit from this guide’s explanation of the top pre-hardmode items that are worthwhile investing in early on. Some of these will be challenging to acquire, but I highly advise doing these before hardmode so you don’t have to deal with the harder enemies directly. (NO EXCLUSIVE ORDER!!!) This is also my view, and I’m curious to hear what you have to say in the comments.

A simple but necessary item for any playthrough. The Cthulhu shield is one of the best ways to get around on the ground. It provides mobility and incredible defense (when combined with the appropriate modifier, such as Warding), and will keep you going for a long time in both prehardened and hard mode.

This item is only available in expert/master mode, but if we’re being honest, those are the only two real game modes that every player should be playing. Using this item now allows the player to dash, dealing roughly 30 damage if dashed into an enemy and granting a brief period of invincibility. However, this does not grant knockback immunity.

Now this is relatively simple as it can be obtained through defeating the eye of Cthulhu, the first boss for many. The eye of Cthulhu can be summoned using a suspicious-looking eye or spawning naturally with a 33% (1/3) percent chance if not summoned beforehand.

The Worm Scarf is another essential item to any terraria playthrough. Now this wonderful item provided damage reduction by a whopping 17%. This item is helpful as it is an expert/master exclusive again. As these game modes are progressively more difficult, mob damage can become overwhelming,, and this item allows the player to tank during hunts or boss fights easily.

100% drop rate from Eater of Worlds loot bag (expert and master mode only)

The Brain of Confusion is the counter opposite to its corrupt brother, it acts as a dumbed-down Master Ninja Gear with a 16.67% (1/6) of dodging an attack. This inflicts a debuff which allows the user not to be able to dodge for an additional 4 seconds once blocked already, however does increase summon damage by 10%. I believe the Worm Scarf is more useful but it is all down to opinion.

100% drop rate from Brain Of Cthulhu loot bag (expert and master mode only)

An obvious choice, however, quite difficult to obtain. They have put simply a combination of all boots put together with additional things such as the Lava Charm and vice versa. One of the best items in the game and can easily be used until the final boss fight. Highly recommend.

Now, as i said, this is a complicated item to obtain, so I will leave a video link below to base how to obtain this item.

Wings are mostly a hard mode accessory, so it is pretty apparent to see why it would be op to own a pair before you even challenge the wall of flesh. These wings however aren’t amazing, but they do provide no fall damage and a bit of flight power; this can be helpful for ground movement or just movement in general.

This can be obtained by searching the sky islands by using gravity potions or finding them just below the space layer. If you are to lazy for that then start a journey character and start of with them, however, I dont recommend as you dont get the same experience as normal characters.

The stinger necklace is an item that provides the user +5 armor penetration and releases bees and provides the player the honey buff (when damaged). Now this is extremely helpful in boss fights as it practically gives more defense with the addition of faster regeneration for 5 seconds.

The shark tooth necklace can be obtained by defeating drippers or blood zombies with a 1/75 (1.33%) in expert mode and a 1/149 (0.67%) in normal mode, however in reality, it wont take that long due to the sheer amount of mob spawns in blood moons. And the honeycomb is obtained by defeating queen bee with a 33% (1/3) in every mode. Then it’s just a matter of combining the two in a Tinkerers Workshop

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Terraria – The top five most useful pre-hardmode accessories (How to get them) (2024)
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