Terraria – How Many NPCs Are in 2023? Answered (2024)

Terraria – How Many NPCs Are in 2023? Answered (1)

You know Terraria, right? It’s this sweet Metroidvania game with a gazillion NPCs, and folks are often left scratching their heads about the exact number because, let’s face it, some of them are tricksters to unlock. Now, NPCs are not just window dressing; they’re super important in both single-player and multiplayer modes. From tossing another Guide into Hell’s fiery pit to summon the big bad Wall of Flesh to strategically placing the Dryad to up your defense game, getting the hang of Terraria’s NPC system is kinda like the secret sauce.

So, how many NPCs does Terraria have?

Well, brace yourself. In a full game run, Terraria proudly parades 29 NPCs. But here’s the catch, three of these folks aren’t homebodies and don’t fancy being cooped up in player-made housing. The nomadic trio includes the Old Man, Skeleton Merchant, and Traveling Merchant.

Before you level up to Hardmode, you can recruit 18 NPCs, and you’ll meet 8 more NPCs after you step into Hardmode. So, in a nutshell, you’ve got 26 residents scattered across the map when you’re all set.

Meet Terraria’s Nomadic NPCs:

So, there are three NPCs in Terraria that have the wanderlust and ain’t keen on settling down in player-made houses. Say hello to the Old Man, Traveling Merchant, and Skeleton Merchant.

Old Man: If you’re out and about during the day, you can catch the Old Man chilling at the Dungeon entrance. But be careful, get chatty with him at night, and bam! He transforms into Skeletron, playing the boss role right out of the gate.
Traveling Merchant: This guy might swing by your base with a 22% chance and hang until sundown. He’s your go-to for a fair range of random goodies.
Skeleton Merchant: A bit of a hermit, this dude hangs out in underground caverns and has a stash of exclusive items for sale.

Your Pre-Hardmode Neighborhood in Terraria:

When you kick off a new game in Terraria, you’re in the pre-Hardmode phase. During this time, there are 18 NPCs you’d wanna add to your squad before leveling up to Hardmode. But remember, all NPCs, aside from the Guide, need their own crib to spawn.

So, here’s the rundown on each pre-Hardmode NPC:

Guide: This buddy’s with you from the get-go but has a knack for dying every time a Voodoo Doll takes a lava bath in Hell, summoning the Wall of Flesh.
Merchant: As soon as you have 50 silver coins jingling in your pocket, the Merchant pops by.
Nurse: If someone in your world has more than 100 health and the Merchant has a roof over his head, the Nurse will move in.
Demolitionist: Get your hands on an explosive and have the Merchant settled in, and the Demolitionist is a done deal.
Dye Trader: This guy shows up when players get their hands on dyes or anything dyed.
Angler: You can find this fishy friend in the Ocean biome on either map end.
Zoologist: To get the Zoologist to move in, you need to have recorded at least 10% of the bestiary.
Dryad: The Dryad pops up once you’ve shown any of the first three bosses – Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, or Eater of Brains/Brains of Cthulhu – the door.
Golfer: You can find this guy hanging out in the Underground Desert.
Painter: Four other housed NPCs are all it takes for the Painter to show up.
Arms Dealer: If anyone’s packing bullets or a firearm, the Arms Dealer becomes part of the gang.
Tavernkeep: You can find this NPC post-defeat of either Brain of Cthulhu/Eater of Worlds, depending on your world’s corruption level.
Stylist: This fashionista is hiding underground in a Spider Nest.
Goblin Tinkerer: Hunt for this guy in the Cavern layer of the Dungeon post-Goblin invasion.
Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor swings by after the Queen Bee is defeated in the Jungle.
Clothier: The Clothier sets up shop after Skeletron bites the dust.
Mechanic: You’ll find this NPC in the Dungeon.
Party Girl: The Party Girl might join the gang with a 2.5% chance after 14 other NPCs have moved in.

Welcome to the Post-Hardmode Era:

After the Wall of Flesh in Terraria meets its demise, the game gets a massive overhaul. New enemies, bosses, items, and NPCs make their grand entrance. In this phase, 8 additional NPCs can be encountered, all with unique spawning criteria. And, just like before, each NPC needs a cozy spot to call home.

Here’s a lowdown on each post-Hardmode NPC:

Wizard: Keep an eye out for the Wizard in the Cavern layer of the world.
Tax Collector: Get a Tortured Soul to undergo a makeover with Purification Powder, and you’ve got the Tax Collector.
Truffle: To get the Truffle, you need to have a vacant house in the above-ground Glowing Mushroom biome.
Pirate: Beat the Pirate Invasion once, and the Pirate NPC will be ready to join your crew.
Steampunker: Defeat a Mechanical Boss, and you’ve earned yourself a Steampunker.
Cyborg: The Cyborg takes the stage after Plantera is defeated in the Jungle.
Santa Claus: Santa Claus can join your world if you defeat the Frost Legion during Christmas. But remember, all other Town NPCs must already be present, which kinda makes Santa Claus a bonus.

Knowing the ins and outs of the NPC situation in Terraria not only levels up your game but also makes for a really fun time. Now, go out there and start building your NPC army!

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