Ogryn Bonepicker - Build for Darktide (2024)

Light attack-focused build that pairs pickaxe with Heavy Hitter.

The biggest drawback on the pickaxes is that despite their huge size, their range isn't any longer than Ogryn's other options and is considerably shorter than the Shovel V's special attack. This, combined with their slowness, makes it difficult to close the distance on enemies and hit them before your team does. This makes it difficult to build up stacks of heavy hitter sometimes, but a kickback or rumbler's special attack is a great way to make up for that.

The Karsolas (Light) and Borovian (Medium) picks have a "Pull" special that yoinks enemies, stumbles them towards you (depending on their weight), and applies a debuff that makes them take 10% more damage for ~6 seconds. It does not stumble or move Muties or Monstrosities. To make use of the "Pull" special while on the move, you want to Pull while sliding, then slide again and charge the strikedown heavy while sliding. This lets you enter combat at basically full speed with a powerful strikedown heavy.

Karsolas (Light)

The light pickaxe has the simplest horde-clear moveset, but that doesn't mean it is a lightweight against armor. The weapon special is a powerful stagger that pulls the enemy slightly closer. After using the weapon special, the next attack (light or heavy) becomes a powerful strikedown. The next light after that combo is also a strikedown.

Dump stat: Defenses (need 50% or more still)


  • Light 1,2,3 + tap block: use in hordes. Avoids the strikedown of Light 4. You can just do a full light chain if there's a beefier target you want to take out, or if you're just lazy it's not a big difference.
  • Special + Light + Light: use against medium elites when you have Heavy Hitter up.
  • Special + Heavy + Light: go-to combo against Bulwarks and anything with a lot of HP. Great against ragers and other medium elites when you lack buffs. Great to kill a mutant (use the special before they get to you). The special won't pull them, sadly. With a LOT of active buffs and great stats it can kill Ogryn Elites including Crushers.
  • Push Attack + Heavy + Light: follow-up combo for anything that you've already hit with the previous combo but isn't dead yet. The push attack deals more damage than the special so it's useful when they already have the debuff. It's also a useful combo when you have a mixed horde and need to push everything before taking out a priority target. Alt version is Push Attack + light + light which is great in mixed hordes when you need to take out a medium Elite.
    • Against Bulwarks, you don't have enough time for the push attack combo after the special combo. Your combo is Special + Heavy + Light + Light. After that they'll attack, wait until they start the attack to pull them again.
  • Heavy 1 + Light 3: use when you need to build heavy hitter a little but don't want to switch to kickback/rumbler, or when fighting a mixed horde. Can add Light 4 if there's a single target left after. Beware that Heavy 2 + Light 1 is slower due to Heavy 2's longer windup.
  • Heavy 1 + tap block: use when fighting a monstrosity that is attacking you.
  • Heavy Chain: only recommended if not using Confident Strike. Heavy 2 has an awkward windup but both heavies still have good hordeclear. Downside is that the width isn't super high so you might take some chip damage from the sides.

Note that you can use pushes without doing a push attack by holding block for just a moment after pushing. It can be helpful to push before charging a heavy in cases where you don't want to push attack.

With near-perfect stats and +Carapace, full stacks of heavy hitter and headtaker, the combo: Special + Heavy + Light will kill a crusher. Lacking buffs or great stats, you'll want to go with Special + Heavy + Light + Push Attack + Light + Light


I personally use Headtaker + Slaughterer but I don't recommend it generally.

If you want to use lights more, I recommend Headtaker + Confident Strike

If you want to use heavies a lot, I recommend Slaughterer + Thrust. Take Bonebreaker's Aura, drop Hard Knocks, and pick up the toughness on multiple enemy hits talent.

A tier (great)

  • Headtaker - Power increases damage, cleave, and stagger. Headtaker generates Power in any situation where its needed, even if it's less max than Slaughterer.
  • Confident Strike - up to 8% toughness on subsequent hits on any target after attacking. Resets if your combo resets from blocking or not attacking for a couple seconds. Strong defensive option. Confident Strike will NOT trigger from your first attack after blocking, which means it never triggers from Push Attacks or from your first attack after block cancelling. It does trigger from the weapon special, but your first attack after a weapon special will not trigger Confident Strike.
  • Slaughterer: gives a decent damage boost, often overkill but it helps you kill elites much faster.
  • Thrust - charges way faster on the Karsolas than on the heavier picks, making it actually viable to use for damage in mixed hordes. You'll generally get 1-2 stacks just doing normal heavies without consciously charging them up. I recommend thrust if you like using the heavies. Recommend using with either Slow and Steady if you want to use the heavies frequently or Headtaker if you only want them for heavy Elites. Very useful for powering up the strikedown after the special or a push attack, which can 1-shot muties without +Maniac.

B tier (good)

  • Slow and Steady - stacks like Thrust while charging heavy attacks, but restores 8% toughness per stack, up to 24%. Don't use without Thrust.
  • All Or Nothing "up to 40% power as stamina depletes" in actuality it gives 1 stack of 8% power for every 20% stamina you're missing, with 5 stacks only at 0%. You'll use up a lot of stamina just sprinting around, and you can throw in push attacks to use some up in combat. Highly recommended if you like push attacks or blocking a lot. Note that you'll rarely ever have the full 40% as having any stamina at all lowers it to 32%. Make sure to take off any curios with +Stamina regen.
  • Torment: 24% power after using weapon special. Anytime you need more power it's often an enemy that is worth staggering first anyway. Makes it much easier to hit the breakpoint for the short crusher kill combo. Only issue is the duration is just too short.

C tier (usable if both perks are complete trash)

  • Thunderous - 10% brittleness (max 40) per hit is decent in theory, especially on a light attack weapon. But it doesn't help this weapon as much in practice because it has very high modifiers against armor already and if someone else is already applying brittleness yours becomes less valuable.
  • Wrath - +200% max cleave is nice, but Power takes care of your cleave needs just fine.

Borovian (Medium)

Plays similarly to the Karsolas. It's noticeably slower (both in attack speed and move speed) with a little more damage, especially against big targets. it's a powerful weapon, but your slow speed also leaves you vulnerable to waves of specialists. It works decently in this build, but the Karsolas (Light) pickaxe works better for it.

If you get a few buffs, can one-shot muties with Heavy 2. Use special as they approach for a faster strikedown.

Dump stats: Cleave Targets, Defenses


Same as Karsolas; All or Nothing goes up to A tier because the push attack is better and can be used in combos. It also makes one-shotting muties easy. Thrust goes down to B tier because the charge time is longer.


Multi target A: Light combo - The cleave angles on attacks past the first aren't great but it does the job for all but the thickest hordes. Also a useful combo for medium elites once they're knocked down.

Multi target B: Light 1 + Tap Block- use once you have heavy hitter maxed. Slightly slower than light spam but better cleave. Use in fat hordes or if enemies have you surrounded on all sides.

Multi target C: Heavy 1 + Tap Block - use to build up heavy hitter, replenish toughness, or to get bleed for damage resist.

Multi target D: Push Attack - great against hordes and ragers. Use if you don't like block cancelling or want to use stamina for All or Nothing.

Single Target A: Special + Heavy + Light - for big stuff

Versatile A: Heavy 1 + Light 3 - for medium stuff, finishing off stragglers, or when you can't safely do the single target combo

The Borovian is a great choice for Gunlugger builds. See here: https://darktide.gameslantern.com/builds/9c63953b-802e-4106-8e97-1b9c9d1cb03b/gunlugger-pickaxe

Branx (Heavy)

Lights are strikedowns, and so is Heavy 1. But lights chained after the second heavy become wide attacks. Your main hordeclear combo is Push Attack + Heavy 2 + Light then repeat heavy 2 and light.

I don't recommend the Branx with this particular build. The combo is slow and you're almost guaranteed to take a little bit of chip damage while doing your combo.

Go Feel No Pain and Loyal Protector. For blessings you want Thrust IV and Slaughterer or Limbsplitter. Limbsplitter lets you get the Crusher 1-shot reliably, but I give the edge to Slaughterer for giving you damage when it matters most, even if sometimes Crushers show up when you don't have a buff and thus you can't 1-shot them.

Gunlugger Route: I prefer the Borovian for gunlugger, but all pickaxes work for it. Same blessings as above, though I give Limbsplitter the advantage here since Point Blank Barrage should handle mixed hordes and negate the need for slaughterer.

Heavy Hitter Route: not recommended, but you can get the 1-shot with just Thrust if you get a really good roll. For second blessing I recommend Wrath.

Ogryn Bonepicker - Build for Darktide (2024)
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