Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (2024)

Delve into the intense battles of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide armed with the knowledge of the most formidable class builds. Our Darktide tier list, curated for the current game meta, is your companion in the relentless fight against darkness.

Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (1)

Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (2)

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In the grim realm of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, mastering the right class build is a ticket to overwhelming power on the battlefield.

Our Darktide tier list, honed from extensive analysis and community insights, is tailored to guide you to the builds that are currently leaving a mark in the Darktide universe. The time to harness the strength of the elites is now!

October 9, 2023: We have updated our WH40k Darktide Tier List

Table of Contents

S Tier: Best Darktide Classes

Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (3)

The S-Tier in our Darktide tier list represents the pinnacle of power and efficiency in the current game meta. These builds embody a perfect blend of offensive prowess, defensive capabilities, and utility, providing the much-needed edge in the relentless skirmishes against the foes of humanity.

  • Assail Psyker
  • Smite Psyker
  • Berserker Ogryn
  • Psyker Voidlord
  • Crit Zealot
  • Support Zealot

Class builds like the Assail Psyker and Berserker Ogryn are revered for their ability to control the battlefield while dealing a significant amount of damage.

The Psyker Voidlord, Crit Zealot, and Support Zealot further enhance the team’s survivability and damage output, making them indispensable assets to any squad, which is why they all get the stamp of being the best classes in Darktide currently.

A Tier

Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (4)

Stepping into the A-Tier, we find class builds that are highly effective and can hold their own in the intense confrontations Darktide presents. While they may lack the absolute domination of S-Tier builds, they make up for it with their unique strengths and synergies.

  • Veteran Exe
  • Pointblank Ogryn
  • Shield Psyker
  • Martyrdom Zealot

The Veteran Exe and Pointblank Ogryn demonstrate remarkable killing efficiency, making them lethal adversaries for the enemies of the Emperor. The Shield Psyker and Martyrdom Zealot add a layer of defense and support, ensuring the squad remains fighting fit through the chaos that unfolds on the battlefield.

B Tier

Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (5)

The B-Tier comprises class builds that are more situational but can shine brightly with the right team composition and strategy. These builds may require a bit more finesse and understanding of the game mechanics to utilize to their full potential.

  • Veteran Commissar
  • Gaze Psyker
  • Taunt Ogryn
  • Invis Zealot
  • Veteran Invis

The Veteran Comissar and Gaze Psyker offer a blend of offensive and supportive capabilities, whereas the Taunt Ogryn and Invis Zealot provide unique tactical advantages that could turn the tide of battle in the right circ*mstances.

The Veteran Invis build adds an element of stealth and surprise, allowing for unexpected strategies and keeping the enemies on their toes.

Each build in this tier brings something unique to the table, offering diverse ways to approach the challenges that lie ahead in the grim world of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

Warhammer 40k Darktide Tips

Now that you finished checking out the rankings for best Darktide classes, check out some tips that might help you out to win more battles:

  1. Diverse Team Composition: A mix of these formidable builds across different classes can lead to a robust team capable of tackling varied challenges.
  2. Continuous Learning: Experiment with different builds within your chosen class to discover what suits your playstyle and contributes to your team’s success.
  3. Meta Adaptation: Stay updated with the latest meta shifts to ensure your chosen build remains relevant and powerful.

WH40K Darktide Class tier list – Final Words

The diversity of class builds in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide offers a rich playground to explore, experiment, and excel. Our Darktide Class tier list is crafted to usher you into the echelons of mastery.

Take the reins, choose your class build wisely, and may victory be yours in the face of the heretical foes!

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Warhammer Darktide – FAQ

How was this tier list created?

This tier list is curated based on the provided class builds, reflecting the current meta of Darktide for October 2023. We gathered info from different sources such as the WH40k Darktide Reddit, YouTube content creators such as Claysthetics, player feedback, and more.

Is this tier list definitive?

Tier lists are subjective and may vary based on personal experience, playstyle, and team composition. This tier list serves as a general guide based on the current meta and community feedback.

How often is this tier list updated?

The tier list is updated periodically to reflect the evolving game meta and any new insights from the Darktide community.

Where can I find more information about Darktide class builds?

You can delve deeper into class builds by exploring the WH40k Darktide Reddit, following Youtube content creators, and joining Darktide community forums.

What do you think of our Darktide class tier list? Rate it below or leave a comment.

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Darktide Tier List: Best WH40k Darktide Classes (July 2024) (2024)
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