All Terraria bosses in order (2024)

All required and optional bosses.

All Terraria bosses in order (1)

Since its release, tons of content has been added to the popular open-world survival crafting title Terraria, including bosses. There are now almost 20 bosses in total in Terraria, with no sort of instruction on which you should fight and when. It’s recommended you fight all Terraria bosses in order so you are best prepared for each encounter.

All Terraria bosses in order (2)

Pre-Hardmode Boss Order

Once you start your adventure in Terraria, your world is in a pre-Hardmode state. In this state, there are six required boss encounters and two optional ones. Here is the recommended Pre-Hardmode boss order in Terraria and how to start them:

  1. King Slime (Optional) This optional encounter can be activated in a couple of different ways. The first is by killing 150 Slimes during the Slime Rain Event that randomly occurs. You can also acquire a Slime Crown which can be used to directly spawn in the King Slime. Finally, the King Slime can appear on the map at random periodically, at which point you can find and kill it as well.
  2. Eye of Cthulhu – Once you have increased your stats to have at least 200 Max HP and 10 Defense, and have three or more NPCs living with you, each night has a 1/3 chance of spawning the Eye of Cthulhu. It’s more common than you think and bound to happen soon after hitting those stat markers. You can also manually summon the Eye of Cthulhu if you use a Suspicious Looking Eye when it is nighttime.
  3. Eater of Worlds In order to summon the Eater of Worlds boss you need to find corruption and head into the Corruption Biome. Deep in the crevices in the Corruption Biome are purple Shadow Orbs. Break at least three of these Shadow Orbs and the Eater of Worlds will spawn. You can manually spawn the Eater of Worlds as well by using Worm Food.
  4. Brain of Cthulhu – The Brain of Cthulhu can be spawned into Terraria by heading to the red Crimson Biome. Similar to Eater of Worlds, there are red Crimson Hearts located deep in the caves in the Crimson Biome. Break three Crimson Hearts and the Brain of Cthulhu will spawn. You can also trigger this manually by using a Bloody Spine.
  5. Skeletron – After you find the Dungeon, you will notice an old man hanging outside the entrance. If you talk to the old man outside the Dungeon entrance at nighttime, he will summon the colossal Skeletron boss for you.
  6. Queen Bee – Once you have found the Jungle Biome, head underground and you will find Larva throughout. Destroy all the Larva and you will cause the Queen Bee to spawn, which is the easiest boss encounter in Terraria. You can also manually summon the Queen Bee by using an Abeemination.
  7. Deerclops (Optional) – This optional boss came from the Don’t Starve Together crossover, which is pretty fun. As long as you have at least 200 Max HP and 9 Defense, the Deerclops will spawn if you can trigger a Blizzard weather event. You can also summon the Deerclops manually using the Deer Thing.
  8. Wall of Flesh – Defeating this boss initiates Hardmode, so be prepared for that. To summon the Wall of Flesh, simply chuck the Guide Voodoo Doll into any pool of lava and the Wall of Flesh will materialize. The guide has to be alive for this to work, so make sure you keep him alive.
All Terraria bosses in order (3)

Hardmode Boss Order

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, your Terraria game state will automatically switch to Hardmode. In Terraria Hardmode there are seven required bosses and three optional ones. This is the order in which you should fight Terraria bosses in Hardmode:

  1. Queen Slime (Optional) – Immediately after entering Hardmode, you can fight the Queen Slime. Simply visit the Hallow Biome and collect Gelatin Crystals to summon this boss.
  2. The Twins – This is essentially a mechanical-cyborg version of the Eyes of Cthulhu. You can summon this boss by using a Mechanical Eye as long as it is nighttime.
  3. The Destroyer – Also similar to a previous boss—the Eater of Worlds—you can summon The Derstroyer by using a Mechanical Worm at nighttime.
  4. Skeletron Prime Continuing with the new cyborg tradition, Skeletron Prime is the cyborg version of Skeletron. You can summon Skeletron Prime by using a Mechanical Skull at nighttime.
  5. Plantera – Once you have defeated all three of the previous cyborg bosses, Plantera spawns in the Underground Jungle Biome, waiting for you to defeat it.
  6. Golem – Defeating the previous boss, Plantera, will reward you with a Temple Key. Use the Temple Key to enter the Jungle Temple and approach the Lizahrd Altar inside the temple. Here you can use the Lizahrd Power Cell to summon the boss, Golem.
  7. Duke Fishron (Optional) – This optional boss is quite challenging, and you can actually wait a little longer to take it on. However, after defeating the Golem is the earliest time in which you can take it challenge Duke Fishron. While Ocean Fishing, using the Truffle Worm as bait, and you can fish up the Duke Fishron boss.
  8. Lunatic Cultist – As long as the Golem is defeated, you can revisit the Dungeon Entrance where you fill find four Cultists. Kill them and you will spawn the Lunatic Cultist encounter.
  9. Empress of Light (Optional) – Technically you can fight the Empress of Light after defeating Plantera but I would wait until now due to her difficulty. To summon in Empress of Light, you must kill a Prismatic Lacewing which can be found in the Hallow Biome.
  10. The Moon Lord – The final boss is The Moon Lord. In order to summon The Moon Lord in Terraria you must destroy all four Celestial Pillars and then use the Celestial Sigil to spawn The Moon Lord into your world.

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All Terraria bosses in order (2024)
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